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Hello good, lately the contests are being very bad for new players, it is almost impossible now to upload a hero to 5 stars something boring. Because they are only concentrating on the payTowin, and the freeToplay players are not having a lot of opportunity. It’s a very slow process and, boring, I’m about to leave the game. It seems more like a business to me than fun.


Erm …
We just had a dungeon contest.
That’s the most free to play friendly contest ever.

This game is a business.
The developers want to get paid for their work.

That’s other players problem.
You don’t have to be maxed to have fun here.

I run five accounts (because I’m an idiot)
I used to run more before they merged servers and allowed us to consolidate.

Two are maxed. Three are not.
I enjoy playing on them all
At times I prefer the slow building of the free to play ones.
Every achievement means more because I worked for it.
I didn’t just buy a ton of stamina packs and max the cap on the first day.
I have to choose carefully which heroes to build and what to spend my limited resources on.
There’s more strategy, and when I do well, I feel like I’ve earned it more…

[That being said @Polaris @OhRlyeh @Sammsquamch et al…

I would love love love it if we could have what I will insist on calling an “alt amnesty weekend”, where all the players with multiple accounts on the same server that didn’t merge in those fortnight periods could request to have their accounts squished together, in exactly the same way as we did post merge.
Five dungeon contests nearly killed my love for the game.
Yes, I appreciate i could just stop playing them, but I can’t let the time and money and resources I have just sit there unused…]


Contests aren’t that hard for free players if you save your resources. Don’t just spend your stam as soon as you get it, save it for a contest, save gold for a gold contest, etc. I wasn’t getting top 5% in rankings but I could get every reward in contest even before I decided to spend money. I now buy the monthly diamonds only and usually get every progress reward the 1st day.


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