Rebuilding guild on s8

Arkham asylum rebuild and recruiting as HAVEN…need active war members . We’re laid back and easy to get along with

can I join with my server 1 account please?

hwck, can I join with two? they both have gold heroes, I know that dragon pony oasis meta, AND I have line…
but not discord - discord sucks

I’ll also say please again for the all the kids out there :child:

You can’t find something that works for you on your own server? :joy:

Sucks may be a little strong but I definitely prefer Line to it, no question.

I respect anyone that’s trying to rebuild a guild. Its always feast or famine with recruiting

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Just gotta persist.

Good luck with it :+1:

was hoping they’d merge in the not too distant future…
but sorry for the silly post. keep persevering and working hard and you will gradually fill up, but don’t expect to get full right away.

Look for merges, too!

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