Recieved Stamina Recharge

What is Stamina Recharge and how do you use it

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I believe that, and will maybe test it soon, that it increases the number of daily free stamina opportunities. @Turtle you out there?

The Stamina recharge items are consumables that last 24 hours. Stamina generates overtime, about 1 per 5 minutes I think. Using those items reduces the amount of time it takes for your stamina to generate. The amount of the reduction is based on the type of stamina recharge you have

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What he said

And off topic
How (friendly voice saying “tf” ) did you get moderator status?

This would interest me too @Turtle
Normaly, this would suggest that @Major_Action_VII promoted to staff-member :thinking:

I just checked some things @Marchioness_Dane

He got the Moderator status 1 day ago

But he isn’t a official PB admin on the discord
Don’t even think he is in the discord at all

So this is interesting

(Btw this is no hate towards you major, we’re just interested)

I checked it too :joy:
makes one curious :wink:

I wouldn’t have realised this, without your comment :joy:

The shield didn’t give it away?

I’m overlooking a lot of things :rofl:

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