Recruit me I'm new here

Recruit me looking for good guild**


Come to mines DeathLords

If you want to be recruited put your level rank activeness and etc number of heroes and most importantly SERVER since you said new id say you are in the newest on 6 or 7 if 7 is even out yet🤔 and im sure helios will be on soon to tell you to try to ask for a guild in your own server recruit chat much easier.

Much easier indeed. But even though I am repetitive I have never told people that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey this is guild leader Join Ingen guild named after the army off of Jurassic park

What server are you on?

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Uhm, I think he found a guild, this is a 4 months old topic

Looking at the date probably could have prevented me from looking stupid. Thanks lol

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