Recycling assets again


I’ve kind of accepted that our band of heroes will revisit areas, in order to allow the art department to have a month off from designing backdrops.

In this way, they can be assigned more time to come up with assets for newer games.

Then we had the flashback month.
Yey, sepia!

Now we have the same backdrop for a second month running, and part of me wants to say couldn’t we at least have reversed the background?

The map appeared to show the heroes progressing through calamity cay to the final level.
Technically it does appear that the heroes decide to leave at one point, but it is not made clear where they meet the gatekeeper.

Are we to accept that the heroes walked to where the exact point where the portal was, then went back to the beginning, met the gate keeper, and walked right back to the portal again?

Grumpy mici needs coffee.
Yes, campaign isn’t the main reason we are still here.
I grudgingly accept the efficiency of your approach.
At least the heroes that you keep adding have interesting back stories and skills and names.

Apart from when you let us name them.
Daisy Jones? Really?