Red circle is not enough


I think it would give a lot less frustation if you made it more clear which tower people should attack. Now it is done with a red circle, not very good visable. Make this more clear, a blinking arrow around it, a flashing circle around it in a more contrast colour. Something like that. Very easy to do, and tons less frustration.


So basically every youtube thumbnail


In addition, the ability to add a large NO on the towers to not attack. It must get real simple.


Dude … before we had highlighting towers we did alright but for those free spirit players that hit and hope a few of us petitioned for highlight towers… Yeah I’m ADM as well as cottontail :blush::sunglasses:

The system works well it’s your players that don’t :joy::joy::joy:


While I agree with you, I heard colorblind people do struggle seeing the highlighting. Making them clearer wouldn’t hurt.


Oooh hey how did I miss that :joy::joy:
Yeah I guess for those afflicted by colour blindness it must be awkward.
Apologies to anyone who is butt hurt by that :joy::joy::joy:

So what would be a fix to help those select few??
As original poster proposed, a blinking motion to the target??

Or even better still

Those towers that have been highlighted are unlocked those not highlighted have a lock on them…

I like current system but for that group of individuals I’m sure perblue can implement a simple solution to help them out. @Ironangel @Eirhorn can we have a look at this please


Perhaps a solution would be that when you have selected a tower, there will be text below the tower’s name stating that the tower is marked.

Top Tier 1 Tower
(This tower is currently marked)


In my guild we use it as an IQ test… If you can’t follow big red crosses, you should join trollunited…


Ima have to drop a big no deuce on it cause I already want to kill the red dot. If there were arrows I would shoot my phone.


See, and I call it insubordination! If they have been warned once and hit an unmarked tower a second time, they get kicked!