Red Dot Frustration


It would be fantastic if the red dot for honor updating were a different color. Anything but red pleeeeaaase! I can’t tell if I need to update gear, stars, etc. without going through entirely too much effort.

I realize the honor red dot will go away if I assign all my essence somewhere. However, if I don’t have pieces to make a full set then I just assign the essence to something - anything to make the bogus red dots go away! Then finally, I can see what I actually need to do! Yay!

All good, well, until I have to find them later… half the time I forget where I parked my car so…

If it’s not possible to change the color, maybe the red dot could just pop up for honor when a hero has a set available? I could live with that.

This is all very frustrating considering the honor update in itself has been frustrating for me. Beejeebus… at least make it user friendly for us OCD, fengshui dependent players… Lol!

(I am not making a spreadsheet to track this. I refuse.)




So mean… hahaha