Red Dot on Tree of Devotion

Why is there not a Red Dot on the Tree of Devotion, like everywhere else when there is something to collect? With so much going on… contest, portal lords, etc… very easy to miss a day, even if you are on for hours playing…


You’re not devoted enough to check it every time without having a red dot!?!

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We’re adding a red dot to the Tree of Devotion in the 4.9 update.

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Does it come with a red dot hero?

I see so many sales promos, i ignore many of the things that are there… so yes, i failed to get my gift yesterday, even though i was on my normal hours of play, so i missed out on the bonus 1000 stamina packs, which really pi$$e$ me off… my fault…but so much to do… :disappointed::disappointed:

Are you adding red dot to avatar too for system messages, like I’ve requested a bunch of times? :grin:

Red dot hero! :heart_eyes:

The hero we didn’t know we didn’t need!


There are 3 words too many in that last sentence