Red dot problem

Hey there
I have red dot problem in my game. It sticks with trail and sometimes with Tower. This happens after Server down for maintenance. Plz fix it, that annoying shit for me​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


1st, I believe “Retail, you mean trials” and other mistakes like hv, hy etc.

2nd, PB is already aware of this problem, and are working for a fix

3rd, Send a ticket, about bugs

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I hate cursing but anyways I don’t have that problem


Yeah in trials and merchant, its really annoying!

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Its the worst as leader trying to get messages from everybody. The red dots don’t show up most of the time. So I have to go through the whole guild manually, which takes so much time. Makes my job as leader just a little harder.

Two easy fixes for this problem.

  1. LINE
  2. Discord

Pick one.

The third option?
Don’t try and get messages from everybody

Got discord, now the challenge is getting everyone to join. Ugh… Problem after problem.

Orrrrrrrrr… Add me on discord and join my guild.
Lots of us already on.

Raaawwwrrr on S1
Righteous anger on s8.

Technically that’s Lola’s guild, but I’ve hopped around a few on s8 and s9, and happiest there.

Pm here for discord id

Mici. Join her and discover the cure for PB measles :joy:

But she couldn’t heal The Omega winning the name the toon contest with ( phewy and pee eww ) Daisy Jones :thinking:

Don’t get me started on Daisy Jones.

I get the bland and generic Pirate wordplay on Davy Jones, obviously.
But… Ermmmm… Yeah.

Even removing all of mine from the options, it wasn’t even on my radar lol.

Enjoy the diamonds, anyway.

Roll on the next “hey look, we are interested in what the players have to say, honest” PerBlue post on the forum…

Yes, wasn’t real happy with that pick either.

yeah awful selection IMO


Are you on an apple device?

Change the font size in the in game options screen and see if that helps.

Large works just as well as small, if you can’t read it…