Red notification dots not being shown

I hardly ever get notifications when I get a message from friends! So I don’t know that I have a message to answer and when I go to write something to them, they’re disappointed that I am ignoring them! Small communication tools like this are important and should work well! Please! fix this glitch.

Has been said many times we all agree it’s an issue.
Pretty sure PB was fixing it. Still happens though.

What I had to do was just minimise friends list to what I really needed and check them daily.

Just another extra effort. Seems it’s becoming the norm now.

Please no more red dots! Ban the dots! Measle Screen is not fun! :grin:


Think PB is antivax haha


But all you see is the 1 red dot on the friend icon! As a leader, if someone wants to talk to me, but a !it fails to show up, that family member thinks I’m ignoring them!

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