Red rarity honor class


Can someone explain how one knows which honor is best to use with which hero and how essence works?


Animals Red-Red+2: Turtle is a Tank essence, Cat is a Damage Essence, Squirrel is a Support Essence, Butterfly is a Wild Essence(can be put in any role slot).

Colors: Red is Fury, Blue is Finesse. Green is Focus, Purple is Wild (can be put into any aspect slot)

Essences are given when a Hero reaches Red Rarity or higher. The Essence that the hero gives is directly tied to its Aspect/Role/New Rarity. For example, When Elder Mohawk becomes Red he will give a Fury Tank Essence of Red Rarity. When Mohawk becomes Red+1 he will give another Fury Tank Essence but of Red+1 Rarity. The difference between them is that the Red+1 Essence gives a higher bonus than a Red Essence. You can place Hero XP into a Red Rarity Essence to “Promote” it to a Red+1 Essence (If your server has Red+1 open). When you see in an Honor Recipe a hero needs a Green Sword and a Blue Shield this means you need a Focus Damage and a Finesse Tank Essence.


Guardian usually fits most tanks well.
Paladin maybe for a two tank frontline, where you want all the damage on the other guy.

Spellward usually. The silence of the opponent’s team is very useful
Spiritmancer can be effective in prolonging the battle as people die.
They used to be super effective, as they were set a little high, but perblue nerfed the boosts.

Damage heroes:
It all depends on their blue skill cooldown timers , and if they gain lifesteal or attack boosts already as part of their skillset.
For a long time, advice used to be:
If in doubt, warlock.
But there are more and more warlord heroes turning up.

And yeah, there is always going to not be enough essence for your heroes.
If you click on an essence slot and you don’t have any , it will show you what heroes will create that one.

It is pretty much the faction and type of hero that they are lol.
Warp mage produces wild essences as she can change faction .

Contests and diamond deals and portal lords rewards are your friend.

Only honour the heroes you use at first.
Don’t try and make everyone honoured.

You can swap essences between heroes to boost them for war hits , as long as you don’t abandon their honour class.


thank you Major Action and Pixie Mici!


Ahhh, thank you for taking the time to write posts like this again and again. Whenever I come here looking for information on confusing new stuff (essences, crystals, etc.) your posts are always super helpful. So thank you, it’s much appreciated! They really should give you staff privileges! :joy: