Red Retreat Icon?

Would anybody mind telling me what the red retreat icon explains? In the guild war log, I’ve always have seen a Blue Retreat icon, assuming the attacker ran away or stopped for whatever reason but only now have I seen a red one.

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Each War, both guilds are awarded two “Flees” with no penalty. This means if the fight isn’t successfully finished for whatever reason (retreating from the pause menu is not an option I believe) then the defending team will remain how it’s been before any attack has occurred. Keep in mind that the attacker loses the heroes used in the attack and points used.

After the 2 flees are used up for the current war, any future flee will penalize the attacker and fully heal all the remaining defending heroes before the fight as well as granting them full energy.

The blue flees represent the flees with no penalty, the red flees represent flees with the penalty.

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Thank you for the answer! But, I have seen somebody get a Red Flee without getting Blue Flees in the same war. Is there something else that is happening?

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Oh in that case I don’t know what happened. If you can take a screenshot and submit it in a bug report.

Oh also Monika is the best girl


maybe the colour depends on the fleeing team? like: guildmate flees -> blue; enemy flees -> red?
(it only shows the flee sign if you press pause and then retreat, not if you losse)

regarding the ‘two flees per guild per war’: are you sure? i mean i guess i wouldn’t notice, since we mostly use fleeing for the first attack, where of course all heroes are back to full health after fleeing, since they were undamaged before.
(if you talk about loosing a fight i don’t think this is true either. it only happens sometimes that the team is fully healed after a second attack due to the health regen tower)

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From what I understand, the 3rd flee leaves a fully charged opponent

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From the 1.4 patch notes a few months back.

Grace flees are blue;

Flees with penalty are red.


Thank you! This is a lot more than I could remember!