Red Spot on Guild Chat?

Please PB, how about a red spot on the Guild Chat tab when players post a message? I’m sure we are not alone, but in our guild there are a number of players who don’t follow the rules, such as engaging in Portal Lords (but still claiming the rewards) or attacking unmarked towers in War. They don’t respond to friend requests or appear to read the Guild Motto, or read Chat. A red spot might draw their attention.

Let me be the first to say “Kick Them”
Missing messages here and there is solved by a dot.
Egregious disregard for basic gameplay is people just seeing how long you’ll carry them without doing anything. A dot won’t stop them from being jerks.


Let me be the second to say “kick them”

Go re-read reveille message and pretend I wrote it, if you need any more encouragement.

To be faiiiir mine would be snarkier and less well written


Didn’t the red dot appear? I know it doesn’t at this time. But I’m sure that it used to

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I’ve been asking for a Red Dot on our toon in upper left corner if we get a message from support… Hasn’t happened yet either… But I kick pretty quickly now if no friend request accepted and no War teams set up. They just guild hop to get rewards.

Awww heck…just boot them all regardless of behavior, just for the fun of seeing them all glom back together like quicksilver ( a.k.a mercury ) :rofl: