Refreshing attack points

My question is this. Say I have 4 metas, ok, each attack point is used as follows: Meta 1, 1 ap, meta 2 , 1 ap, meta 3, 2ap and meta 4, 2ap.

Say I’ve used metas 1 and 3 for a total of 3 ap. I have 3 ap remaining. We’re in the last tower, time is drawing nigh and the only metas that can be used in this tower are all exhausted. Would it not be reasonable to refresh meta 1 for 2 ap and make an attack in this tower which costs 2ap to fight. Am I.not using the same amount of ap, therefore not burning aps in case the last of the nonhitters decided to make an appearance.

Where to start…?
Attacking a t1 or T2 tower costs 1ap.

Attacking a T3 tower costs 2ap.
Each time.

Attacking a mage or keep costs 3ap.
No matter what.

You could attack with meta 1, meta 4, meta 9 3/4, or meta eleventy-one.
Heck you could attack with a solo hex witch.
Those costs are always the same.

Refreshing heroes costs 2ap.
Whether you refresh one two three four or five of them.
Each time you select heroes and click refresh, that’s 2ap gone.
Before you start to fight.

Someone that doesn’t need to refresh their heroes will be able to hit more times than Someone that needs to refresh.

Because the tower hit cost is always the same.
The refresh costs adds another two.

In short, ask your leadership.
They will have guidelines about who can refresh and when.

I’m guessing that you are asking the forum to back you up, because they said no?

If you are the leadership, then God help your guild.

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You’re making one attack for the cost of two.
So… No.

Yes. It’s the same amount of ap.
But your ap that you could have used for your two remaining meta are now gone.

If it’s the last tower , and you are miles ahead of the opponent guild and they can’t catch you…

  1. Maybe it’s justified.
  2. Does it really matter though?

If it the last tower, and the opponent guild is really close…

  1. Maybe that extra hit that was lost from your refresh means when your guildmate turns up, they Can’t hit as much and you lose by one or two lines.
  2. Is it the last half hour of war?
    If yes, then ask your leaders again.
    Point out guildmate X isn’t likely to get here.

The fact you are asking this when there was seven hours of war left confused me.

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What about meta pie?

I haven’t levelled my caterpod up to level 7 yet.

Oh… Wait…

Ha! Clever :slightly_smiling_face:

Strategy. This is strategy speak. We must remove strategy. There must be only 1 op hero and that hero must be S3xy Shiny Spiny. The rest of the heroes can be trash. We all win. Nobody has to worry about strategy. And I get to buy Wiz’s autograph from S3xy Shiny Spiny.

Thanks Pixie, no, not when 7 hours are left, but knowing that someone is not likely to hit and we’re down to the wire, I have 2 ap and the only meta that I have left can’t be used. We have the 2 points available to refresh the one meta that will work. Why not refresh instead of hoping that one member will show up and hit.

Why not indeed?
I would.

But I’d ask my guild war chiefs.
Not the PQ forums