Requesting spars

I know this was brought up in the old discord leader chat that sadly doesn’t exist anymore, but it would be nice if anyone could request spar points. It seems silly that only officers and below can. I’m sure there is no reason it is like this… can this please be changed?





Would love to be able to spar more than 6 times… Its kinda sucky tbh

I think you should get unlimited spars to be honest.

Any tech nerds out there?
Copy all the portal quest programming and coding for battles and heroes.

Make a companion app where you have all heroes fully maxed. You can tailor lines to fight in war and change their health and energy etc. to simulate cleans too

But longwinded and a fruitful request but it would be nice

Never mind all the copyright issues probably involved

bump. Hello :slight_smile:

Can this be looked into? Please? Spars are really frustrating the way they are.

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I agree with this!

Also, Long Live Mo, the All-seeing Overlord of the Portal!

Clearly you meant pesky pixie…

But yeah, can’t the spar bank work like the war bank please?


I had to read that a few times.
My tired eyes kept replacing the word spar for spank.