Reverse recruiting

Guild needed for two server one accounts.

Talk to me?
Either here, or in game.
Chat apps will be considered, for the right person.

My only other account is very happy in my S8 guild, consistently NVD.
Feel free to come and join me there :slight_smile:


VIP 16 :scream:

I thought you were a F2P :stuck_out_tongue:

I have very kind guildmates @Golden_Princess

I did say that screenshot gets more and more embarrassing each time I post it.

Last time I calculated my actual main account spend it was VIP 7

Merges helped.

So are you guild recruiting? or looking for a guild. lol Hey my guild has spots available but we may be to lightweight for you. We do have fun on Line chat though.

I’m looking for a guild in server one.

While saying I’m loving my guild on server eight.

Server one and server eight are still two separate entities.
PESKY stubborn PerBlue.

To be faiiiir, it’s a happier life without PQ.
But we keep coming back anyways.
Blithering idiots that we are.

Insert Einstein insanity quote gif here

I am in Dark Phoenix on server 1. I am the evil alt of Angel Drifter. If you want to take a rest with a laid back guild. We are to busy enjoying life to let this game take over our lives. :smirk:

Mici, we’ll take you. As long as Bob is not a required add-on :grin: