Reviving Chat to Be Active Again


As I dungeon, I tend to let my mind wander. I was thinking about the recent issues that is killing the game. The biggest one that comes to mind is the silencing over kill especially in VIP where it is an adult base (as the more mature are the ones paying for that chat unless the kids get a hold of mommy or daddy pocket book). And I think we can all agree, yes the names have been suggestive, but that’s what is fun about it…not out right cursing or purposefully trying to hurt an individual. So I was trying to think of an idea to revive chat, as it used to be b4 the boop stick went out of control. He’s an idea, or maybe come up with something similar…
Chat is dead…period. Everyone is either afraid to talk or not interested in talking bc of who no longer is active in chat…so, as an incentive, why not reward for chatting as you put the effort into making 3 chat tabs. Whoever is last to speak “chat killer”, and chat remains inactive 15 mins (or even 30…which in my opinion is too long) reward the “chat killer” with a simple reward like a stamina pack or chest. It’s nothing big, but at least chat will be active every 14 mins for whomever tries to be the last to speak for reward.
Just a thought

So long and thanks for all the fish

Yes, chat is dead, but this is no solution. Adding such rewards won’t add an incentive to chat, but will only attract the attention of those who wouldn’t regularly chat anyway and who will send chats just for the reward. Result: more bulls**t messages, less actual communication.


There will always be trolls in the game, whether it be arena, chat or forums. Rewards would most likely not need to be paid out bc someone will always be there to try to be the last to speak. This is just an idea for a start…it’ll spark conversation as a new addition to the game. Also, bring a bit if competition to be the “chat killer”. I didn’t say it was a solution…just an idea


The term “chat killer” strikes me as something far too offensive for the tender flowers that hand out silences and bans in this game.


lolz, i had mentioned something like this in chat. Im self proclaimed chatKillZilla, and figure xp rewards would be nice… maybe orange items given out for those two hour ‘epic’ chatkills…


I don’t think they would be interested in giving out stam items for free …

Outside of potential silences, are there are any other big causes of people not coming to chat in game? Perhaps we could try and come up with solutions for those issues.


I hardly go into VIP chat anymore. The last time was the other day when I saw a player that I’ve known a long time in there but I left as quickly as I said “hello”. The main reason that I don’t is that it keeps me from getting the boop stick for something I shouldn’t have.

I also don’t chat anymore due to the bigger time commitment that the game has required. Like doing dungeon for example. You cant chat and do dungeon at the same time. Put that on top of raising a family and the time constraints get worse. Who knows…maybe the time commitment is making players just leave the game all together. For me personally when my baby is born in May I’ll leave the game totally since I won’t have time at all.


Congrats! :baby:

I am leaving at the end of s3 for similar reasons.


Congrats on the coming new addition to ur family


@milpy you would get stacked with chests


fyrdad, you know i wubs you and 'kette, and wish you the best… just remeber milpy is a great name boy or girl :wink:
Chief i wish you well concerning new baby! It’s scary how when chat dies in a game, the game dies… maybe pb is ready to start a new game, i dunno…

Sad to see so many people leaving, but stop by global every now and then if you wanna see why some of should get rewards in chat :smiley:


Reduce play time. And chat will be active again. :stuck_out_tongue:







chat seems to go in spirts of active & not…at times there is alot of bulling going on & cursing…in global there is a concern for the younger players since can not tell s players age…why cant everyone be civil to eachother?


BecAuse this is the internet.
No repercussions.
If people said some of the things to me in the street, that I have had said to me on game…

Well… let’s just say they better hope they could outrun my wife lol.
She’s a hair puller… :wink:


that visual is comedy!