Rewards for members who do close to nothing


Does anyone of you know, if there is a cap on Tier rewards? Or can you claim every reward after you have completed one single quest?!
Because, if I look at something like this, I get kind of mad…


One quest, even if you fail, opens up all the rewards.

Shine your boot.


My fingers are already trembling in anticipation :skull_and_crossbones:
If it’s like this, PL needs some rework
-> for every quest done you can claim 2 Tier rewards (this would be fair to the members who complete all their quests) :thinking:


From a different angle…
We’ve got a couple members who’ve only just started and haven’t unlocked a lot of the modes required for quests. I was eyeing this thread hoping that the answer would be that yes they get everything :slight_smile:

I like that every member of the team reaps the same reward even if they weren’t able to give as much to achieving it as others could. We don’t all have the same amount of free time but as long as my folks are giving me a real effort I’m glad for them to have whatever reward is on offer.
If they were denied those rewards I would be sad. They will need them desperately in the effort to catch up.


Yep. That’s my thought too


If you are that annoyed at them, kick them before they logon.


Problem here is that we don’t have any new members & except for 2 of them, the others are quite lively playing PQ :sweat:
& they won’t break a nail, buying from guildshop or donating, raiding campaign, completing crusade mode (extremely easy if you have a raid ticket), posting linups in chat & so on…
Even if they don’t have time for dungeon quests, there are enough options to complete them :smirk:


Just kick them if they suck at helping



:joy::joy::joy: nice advice…
I still need to discuss this with my leader & fellow
Commander :joy:


I did this one time… As a way to say get good and learn from it

Let the slackers coast all the way through portal lords
Then 1 hour before rewards come in
Boot all of them
They can’t collect any endgame rewards in a new guild and they’ll hopefully learn team ethics pays the bills in guild events :sunglasses:


I really like this idea :joy:


You know, I found out exactly who those members are based on the bountiful information in that screenshot. You should block out your rank, your score, and their profiles.

I suppose your forum name would give it away anyway.


Exactly :joy: I don’t like changing names :yum:
If you search for me you’ll find me, even though I’m not active in chat…
To go with your suggestion, here’s the edited version :wink:
What beautiful art :see_no_evil:


I can still easily find out who they are
from your screenshot

But who cares
just give them the boot in the a$$


Me being me, I can be a little bit mean :shushing_face: don’t tell anyone
Replacements have to be found first, good thing I’m not the leader :joy:


There is literally 1/100000000% that those 5 guild members will see this

Well, good luck finding 5 new peeps and kicking them before war season rewards is worse because it takes so long to get it

Your leader will probably not give them a punishment for fun


This thread reminds me of one you might find in DS Forum…recently even :rofl: Guildies come and guildies go, sometimes on their own or no, but I go on forever!