Rocky and Bullwinkle in: "taking the grind out of the gear" or "putting Oh Rlyeh to work"


I think this idea is simple. When you don’t have the scraps and gear to promote, pressing the promote button presents a dealing similar to when you have all the scraps required and it auto crafts for you.

Instead of allowing you to promote, it shows you the scraps still required, instead of having to hunt it down. Eg if you needed 3 of an item but you only had enough scraps for two, it would show how many scraps you needed instead of this needle on a hay stack.


That would make things easier, for sure!


Good idea :open_mouth:


They asked for details! This is what I sent them!

Grim mace numbers are red and is in a state of being selected, showing how to get it.


I would absolutely LOVE this. Another option would be to be able to auto-craft a single item without having to drill down six or more levels to manually craft every single ingredient, but I’m sure that has also been brought up to them.


Negaduck! Glad you like the idea! We should share this with our guild mates!