Royal Tournament Crash


There is currently a bug in the game that can cause the Royal Tournament to crash when a player enters the battle. This should be fixed in the 3.2 game update. You can avoid the crash by doing the following:

  • Open Royal Tournament and tap the Attack window where you set your attacking team
  • Select the 1,2,3 to view all those line-ups
  • Select Fight


Another thread about royal tournament?
Geez… :wink:


Should I tag the 100 people who made a topic about it?

Nah, they’ll find it.

Because they read other topics :slight_smile:


I read all topics. I haven’t had an issue with the game crashing for tournament. Fortress however :frowning:


Same for me… All is good in the tournament… Not sure what’s occurring but hasn’t hit me in the pocket yet :joy::joy:


When’s the update? :wink:



10 characters required. :neutral_face:


I can’t fight in the tournament

My game won’t open :wink:


Mine wont either. It says check forums for update info. Well just how long is this update were getting? Been over hour now


No specific time on every update

They test stuff, to make sure it works 60% of the times then finish the last 40% after people complain