Royal Tournament Crash


There is currently a bug in the game that can cause the Royal Tournament to crash when a player enters the battle. This should be fixed in the 3.2 game update. You can avoid the crash by doing the following:

  • Open Royal Tournament and tap the Attack window where you set your attacking team
  • Select the 1,2,3 to view all those line-ups
  • Select Fight


Another thread about royal tournament?
Geez… :wink:


Should I tag the 100 people who made a topic about it?

Nah, they’ll find it.

Because they read other topics :slight_smile:


I read all topics. I haven’t had an issue with the game crashing for tournament. Fortress however :frowning:


Same for me… All is good in the tournament… Not sure what’s occurring but hasn’t hit me in the pocket yet :joy::joy: