Royal tournament seems either too easy or ridiculously hard

I’m new to Portal Quest but played Dragon Soul for a couple years before it was shut down. Both games are very similar, but the Royal tournament was new to me. I do like the idea of the tournament, but I wish the rewards were better and that I had more maximum attempts than 3 due to a very busy job limiting my time. Anyway, one thing that bothers me is how the tournament is either very easy, where seemingly no other players bother to fight, or it is very hard, like the one I’m currently in where the weakest opponent for me to fight is 8 levels higher than myself leaving me at the mercy of those players who don’t bother fighting shop I don’t get demoted. Anyway, this seems hardly balanced. I’m sure this won’t get read by anyone who cares, at least anyone who could fix this or cares to, I merely wanted to post my opinion and see what other players thought about this.

Dragon Soul and Portal Quest is similar because both games were made by PerBlue, but they sold Dragon Soul

Your attacks regenerate over time, so if you use one and wait some time you’ll have 3 again
And if you increase your vip level you can have more attacks

I start with 5 attacks instead of 3 because of my vip level

Tournament isn’t a thing most players are excited about, it’s just something you can do get “easy” rewards and then move on to other and more fun things.

But seems like you promoted fast
What tier are you in?

I grew quickly. Since I was already somewhat familiar with the game, I tried to be strategic with my starting items and diamonds in order to grow as fast as I could. I’m currently at Bronze III in the Royal Tournament.

A lot of retired players will inevitably demote down the ranks and end up where you are
If they aren’t hitting but yet you still cant beat them it is frustrating
Sometimes a quick demotion and climb back up to same group puts you with a different selection of opponents
Not always the case though due minimal groups at bronze tiers

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