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Hello @OhRlyeh (sorry for tag but i suspect you liking the voting function here hehe) can you please make a vote about Royal tournament. If people like it as it is or if they dislike it. And if they do, ask them to give constructive critisism.

I suspect people think tourney is time consuming and less fun. Me personally recommend fighting one oponent a day, with 3 tries to count the higest score.

Half of the people i see in my tourney end up with 0 score because they dont even bother to try. (its a lvl 95 squad)


Do you like the Royal Tournament:

  • Yes
  • No

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Was that it Goat? I just figured out there was a poll button lmao.

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Omg. You are a genius. I thought polls where for Devs only. What button is that? :smiley:


There’s a little pinwheel (/settings) icon in the bar above where you type your post. If you click that you can create a poll. It’s next to the ‘preview’ button.

I don’t actually think tournament should be changed. Right now, you can choose to be competitive, or not. It’s up to you. If people decide not to, that’s fine. There also aren’t a lot of people really trying to promote in arena.

Imo, the problem is that people don’t want to take the time to think about attacks. Changing the way rt works wouldn’t change that (and your suggestion also couldn’t possibly be implemented in a fair way). Right now, tournament at least gives the possibility to put a lot more strategy in.

Also: I’m in a pool a bit beneath my power (so probably level 90 on average), and could promote if I tried hard. One person (at most) ends up with zero points here.


Can you add an option that sounds like:

Neither like it or dislike it but open to any changes.

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Im at bottom gold. All are lvl 95 with epics :stuck_out_tongue: i dont have much option to get promoted.

I tried to edit it. I can’t edit a poll. I can make a new one?

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Since there almost is an equal numbers of yes and no, and even one more yes, I think it’s clear that most players don’t think rt has the highest priority to be altered. More important would be the other changes they announced in the discord and somewhere on this forum, and I would also prefer it if they first fixed some of these


I like tourney because despite constantly being at the bottom for power, I get enough chances to work myself to the top of the scoreboard :stuck_out_tongue:

One opponent a day means tournaments will last for weeks, which I don’t find particularly appealing, and if the size of tournaments is decreased to compensate then there are less opportunities for determined players to edge out an advantage. Like Helios says, there’s a lot of strategy involved which I enjoy. And I don’t think I’ve seen someone with 0 final score in weeks.

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i dont really mind it, im ingoring it most of the time the only reason i ever do it is when i need XP or tokens

When tournament was a week long slug it was boring and tedious…

3 day tourneys has made it useful and tbh quite handy when testing out lineups… save a lineup feature means I can now copy someone else’s 3 lines for defense and try those in varied formations to see how they compare to my own lineups.

Format doesn’t need to change it works well as it is.


The goal here was to make the leagues much smaller ^.^ like 3-5 man leauges. Or women. Or goats.

But but. I kill the idea for now haha

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I like the tournament but I do not like the few chips spread over so many days, and if they add a prize in diamonds It would be much better

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I like the tournament :slight_smile:

The tokens are still a little slow on collecting, but that’s alright

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