S1+2 people. Do you think perblue is doing enough to satiate your free to play or rather low spenders


Add comments here and discuss …

If s1+2 are struggling then wait to see what the rest of the servers have to go through


I definitely struggled as a f2p on Server 2. I could still at least max out at least 2 teams, but that was about 4 months ago. Looking at gear crafting now, I think it’s safe to say being a f2p would be torture.


You can’t survive as a f2p anymore


S1 here, F2P tapered off around March/April. About the time a new game was released.

Hmm, damn those coincidences…


If you view maxing out heroes as something you have to do then you’re going to make yourself miserable. Beating someone 10 levels and 1 rarity higher than you is very possible if you know how to use the heroes you currently have (yes, you can defeat the new heroes with old heroes). Overcome differences in strength with skill; learn as much as you can about what each hero does and the synergy it has with your other heroes. Creating teams specifically designed to defeat an opposing team is part of the fun. Improving your mastery of the game feels accomplishing, perhaps more accomplishing that promoting your hero. Defeating teams significantly stronger than your team indicates your mastery when it comes to team-building (not to mention it feels really good).

As far as power goes, it’s worth mentioning low spender/f2p player will get a little stronger each day. They can continue to experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes with each day. No matter how much the whales spend, I can still beat them in challenger :slight_smile:


Good for you! I’m in server 1 and a f2p player.it’s been months since i got to platinum l in arena, when I got here my team’s total power was 30k+ while top players in this faction that I am in had teams with total power of 50k+. Now that i’m at 58k+ there are some players with 100k+ in top. How the hell should I beat them? Since then we had multiple merges in arena and they only make the situation worse. This game is literally becoming unplayable update after update.


Keep looking out for my arena team lol
It was 65k, and just took out the member of pi who is always the fastest to level up each cap raise.

That got me to position 4 in challenger :slight_smile:


Synergy > power

In fact almost everything > power


You don’t have to compete at the top level to enjoy playing the game.


The thing that gets people: going backward. If you can’t even maintain your current position in rank, it’s extremely discouraging, and you lose interest.

For days I was 30-40 rank in Plat 1, I tried and tired, I finally defeated someone-- who had a lousy hero in their lineup.

I have half the heroes skilled, epicked, and ranked up. I am falling downward, with spending. I have decided that after I blow my load, I’ll be finding s new game. I’m doing something wrong, and I just don’t care to take the time to learn why I suck so bad, lol


Tell me how to beat dragoon, Knight, dragon, twins, and (anyone) with old heros with one less rank and 10 levels behind.

Idk what you will come up with but there’s a chance they may not have those heros either. Free players probably have at the most 12 heros at the current highest rank. If they have more, they probably won’t be able to go to the next rank with another update.


It’s funny you mention that team, because I recently found a good counter (ember in the last slot)in which the newest hero on the team is wraith. I’m 15 levels and 2 rarities behind.


I like oak.
Yes, it’s more effort to maintain.
But worth it.

And I use maiden wander oasis bowman pony.
Worked two gear rarity and five levels down.