S1 Current META Heroes for new players


This post is designed to be a resource for new players who want to know which characters to focus on first. The goal of this post is to list the 8 front liners and 12 that new players should focus on. We will not consider character source or rarity, since that can change. But, we do want to consider a good generic team that can be used for all aspects of the game (war, dungeon, arena and tournament).

Front line:
Forgotten champion
Brutal Axe
Wandering Sword
Knight Errant
Lion Knight
Shield Maiden
Noob Hero
Wander Woman

Back Line:
Ancient Siren
Twin Trackers
Warp Mage
Brass Monk
Sparkle Pony
Ember Wisp
Pesky Pixie
Twilight Archer
Mystic Punk
Salty Merc

Please reply with challenges! This list should be dynamic as the game changes over time.


Love the back line apart from

Mystic punk
Salty merc

Hate the front line

Shield maiden?
Wander woman??
Lion knight???
Noob hero???

Heck even owl!!

Errant and axe I’ll allow.


A great team for everywhere

Maiden wander oasis dragon pony.

Subbing in axe or noob for crusade.
And punk for oasis as you get to red rarity.

Heck the old crusade meta of
Mass binder fox would still work well with and axe noob front


You need 4 solid defenses for war, so there is a lot to add here :thinking:
Here are the heroes I keep up to date:

Lion Knight
(+ some others if I have the resources)

Backline heroes:

(+ some others if resources are available)

I won’t bother listing the heroes I don’t focus on :yum:

Basically you have to build 3-4 line ups you are comfortable with (at least 1 energy hero & 1 or 2 damage heroes in every line)

  • 1 line up you can use for cleans :smirk:


I keep forgetting about cleans.
Panther can come back into the front list
"Even owl??!!" now becomes essential owl!!

Swashbuckler can sneak into the back list.
Twins dragon binder etc already listed

With the rest of the heroes here, should be fine
If you are the designated cleaner , and you like to dungeon too…
Totem prince and forest hermit might just make the list


Totem & Hermit are in the “if I have gold to spare” section :joy: both are still red+3 with one gear lacking, skilled to 155


They would still work for deep dungeon diving


Does anyone have any data or evidence on Marrow and Cleric yet? It does not look like the Kitty makes the list except against heavy Bless lineups…so too situational.


Front line:

Brutal Axe
Wander woman
Wandering sword
Forgotten champion
Noob hero
Knight errant
Ice Berg

Back Line:

Ancient Siren
Mass Destruction
Brass Monk
Dragon heir
Forest Hermit
Salty Merc
Twin Trackers
Ember Wisp
Grave Wraith
Twilight archer
Pesky Pixie


Seems to be some variety here. Oh, hello all, first time poster!

My heroes: Elder Mohawk, Light Warden, Willow Druid, Rogue Bowman, Storm Wizard, Skull Buster, Stone Guard, Cogmaster, Mass Destruction, War Blade, Princess Portal, Ginger Beard, Feral Brute, Wander Woman, Noob Hero, Grizzled Hunter, Swashbuckler, Forest Hermit, and Spell Binder.

Which should be my top 5 priority and then utility?
Thanks in advance!

Sorry for such Noob Q but I’m just 1 day in…


Seems like Wander Woman and Noob Hero for front and Mass Destruction, Forest Hermit, and Swashbuckler for rear for main team. Is that best combo?


Perhaps Spell Binder instead of Swash


You’ll need more than 5 heroes :joy:
For war defenses you will need 20 decent heroes, but I name the 5 you’ll absolutely need in my opinion (from your list) :smirk:

Wander Woman
Skull Buster
Princess Portal
Rogue Bowman
Spell Binder


Thanks for the info!
20 eh! Ok, any of the other I mention good enough to join those 5?

Also, is Grave Wraiths chest worth the 5 times buy or should I save for gold x 10?


Best would be overstuffed chests :smirk: I’ve never gotten anything good out of the boss chests :sweat:


Feral Brute is good once epic
Light Warden
Grizzled Hunter
Forest Hermit
Noob Hero
Cogmaster epic is alright too :wink:


I see, thanks! So Wander, Skull, Rogue, Princess, and Binder. Maybe next 5: Mass, Noob, Hermit, Swash, and…?


Oh, didn’t see your later post. What do you mean by epic?


I’m the wrong person to be asked about Swash & Mass Destruction :joy:
Mass is especially useless in my opinion :smirk:


Oh, surprised about Mass as his kit seems to have some good cc but what would I know at this point.