S1 Current META Heroes for new players

He became basically useless the moment Wander Women got her epic :joy:
Punk needs to be up to date

Which Server are you on by the way?

Server 10.
Is going epic basically like awakening?

You could say it like that :joy:
Wander Woman will be a must have, Punk is op & Skull will be a jackass :joy::joy::joy:

Shield maiden
Noob hero
Mystic punk
Dragon heir
Sparkle pony

Now I also have Salty Merc, Satyr Fox, Hex Witch, Scarred Brawler, Howling Claw, and Highwayman.

With my main team of: Wander Woman, Skull Basher, Princess Portal, Spell Binder, and Mystic Punk, who does Salty Merc replace? I’m thinking Portal Princess.

Any of the other new ones listed above worth building?

They will work well all the way up to low orange rarity.

All heroes have some redeeming features
Apart from elder and void lol

Brawler claw mass fox punk is a good second war attack , but punk is so in demand for lots of meta

All the advice you are reading here, is all post epic skills and orange rarity.

While people are still purple, it’s hard to remember that most heroes aren’t as effective

The heroes that work really well at this point suddenly became redundant as each new epic skill was released two at a time each month last year

Use what works for you now, but invest in the heroes listed here for the future.
Watch the arena defences that hold, and view the war logs to see what other guilds use against you.

You’ll see patterns
That can help for now, for who to build.


Hex Witch & Howling Claw are good at purple (note that Claw should never be used against Spell Binder & later on Grave Wraith (dungeon Boss) :wink:)
I love Salty Merc, but before orange she isn’t that good…
As for Satyr Fox, he works well with Grave Wraith & Punk but never pair him with Hex Witch or Princess Portal (his sleep will get disrupted, rendering him basically useless) :see_no_evil:

& yeah, Mici is absolutely right :wink:

I usually am :wink:

When I’m not being snarky…

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So with these 15:
Front: Skull Buster, Wander Women, Noob Hero, Totem Prince, Howling Claw, Stone Guard
Back: Portal Princess, Spell Binder, Mystic Punk, Sparkle Pony, Grave Wraith, Mass Destruction, Forest Hermit, Satyr Fox, Grizzled Hunter
how would you arrange them in 3 teams?
Thanks in advance!

I can only make 1 team from those choices
Not a great one either

Well, my server doesn’t have most of the heroes that are listed as best. I have all on my server but the lamp guy.

This isn’t all that I have but I listed all of the ones on the server in the lists above, so I guess I have to make do with what is offered.

With so many options it’s hard to keep things straight so I thought I’d ask the experienced players or tips.
Any suggestions?

To be honest … the META and hereoes which Mici mentions are safe to look at using.
Pretty much the way I see it … the META is based on war usage. As war is kinda the only real competitive aspect of the game…and it is changing soon I believe. Real soon. Soooooo…who knows what will be useful once new war comes about and mage tower buffs/debuffs come into play.

Why all healers?

what about wandering sord and ice berg??

Turtle and ice are good for cleans , and have their place in defence lines

But there are better options for attacks.
They are solid second tier heroes though, and great to build next.

To keep the rest of the team alive long enough to kill opponents.

Does anyone have any feedback on the new heroes? Cleric, Marrow and Hare?

Cleric essential.
Marrow is a hyper owl.

Bunny looks like they could be amazing , but easily countered.
Good for attacks.

Build cleric first.

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