S1 locked out of game


All I talk to in s1 can’t load the game. It gets to ‘creating world’ but won’t load in.

Downtime is meant to be in an hour?

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Is the game down for everyone else?

Wish I’d stayed on S8 now lol

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Everyone on Line can’t get on

We’re in the process of releasing 4.4.1 and that’s what’s causing this. Sorry about that!

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Line? Pfffffttttt.
Discord master race.

Actually, per blue.
Don’t fix it.
We can all rage quit and regain access to that “real life” others always talk about

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Okay! Thanks for reply

You should talk to a professional about your thing going lifeless and unresponsive prematurely.

I’m sure there are remedies available now…

Ha,ha whole games down! No one can access non s1 accounts. PerBlue is it a Colts vans at midnight deal or what :rofl:

Apparently dwarf pirates are too un-american, so the POTUS declared per blue on the list with Huawei…

Vive el presidente!

The Most amusing / depressing thing is that is probably not the most unbelievable thing you will read about him today…

Please tell me that timer of pending quests is stopped :scream:

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I’ve been locked out since 12 noon :confused:

Server 1 is up now, and the Epic Quests issue has been resolved.


Yes, that is a sentence.

Not for everyone @Polaris

Sill no epic quests in s1 for my guild