S7 & s8 recruiting

Hello, Unbreakable is recruiting on s7 & s8 :slight_smile: :sunny:


What level do i have to be

s7 = lvl 85 - s8 = lvl 70

Hi Turtle, I would love to check out your guild on server 8. My gf and I have become more and more frustrated with the amount we contribute to the cause. Only to never progress in the events and fortress and war. I am a tad low, at 61 now, but will be 70 by tomorrow. She is 69 now though. If your guild enjoys members that pull their weight, then look no further!

Feel free to add me on server 8, so we can talk about it, but this a 2 months old topic, so a lot have changed, but add me ingame for more info

Thank you so much! I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and thoroughly enjoy it. I haven’t chatted much because I’m still trying to figure everything out. I’ve decided I would start on here and begin chatting to let everyone know I wasn’t ignoring anybody just trying to learn just the basics so far. Lol.

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