S8 Royal Tournament freezing


Am I the only one having freezing issues with Royal Tournament? Everytime I go to fight the blasted program freezes and I have to exit the entire app. I then have to reboot to get back into Portal Quest main screen.

I have tried reinstalling the app and rebooting to no avail. This has been occurring for over a week intermittently. The last 2 days I haven’t been able to fight at all in the Tournament.





No. No, you’re not .


I missed one. Sorry…


I guess they answer that question :joy::rofl:


I have quite a few accounts and this happens on some of them. It seems to happen when I attempt my first fight of the tournament with whatever teams are already there. I can’t pin down why it happens but for now, changing your attacking teams around for your first attack seems to fix it for the rest of that tournament.


It won’t even permit me to pick the initial team. All I get is freezing and locked out.