Sable de plata buena personaje pero poco recursos en tienda

Good companions recently you have incorporated silver saber to s4.A few hours you incorporated it into a purchase package. I had about 100 gold chests x10.compré 2 packages, which are equivalent to 60 fragments of heroes that included enough chests of fragments of heroes and epicos.A what I’m going, and opened as about 400 chests in total (both gold and heroes) and only touched me about 20 fragments.Really 20 fragments !!! incredible … I think they should fix it now.

You won’t see Silver Saber in gold chests for a month, because she is the log in hero for this month :wink:
There are just 3 ways to get shards for her:

  • log in
  • purchase a deal for the log in hero
  • have a lot of heroic chests

I stored up on heroic chests over the last 2 months, so I could get her early…
Opened 800 heroic chests & got her 3 :star: epic :joy: :joy: :joy:

No verás Silver Sabre en cofres de oro durante un mes, porque ella es la heroína de registro de este mes
Solo hay 3 formas de conseguir fragmentos para ella:

iniciar sesión
en la compra de una oferta para el inicio de sesión héroe
tiene una gran cantidad de cofres heroicos

Me guardé en cofres heroicos durante los últimos 2 meses, para poder conseguirla pronto …
Abrió 800 cofres heroicos y obtuvo su 3 :star:  épica   


I opened a few hundred but I only got 3 stars too …

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The drop rate for the newest heroes is always scarce :wink:
& Silver Saber won’t be available, for non paying players, for another 3 days (assuming they don’t have a lot heroic chests)…
Since I didn’t want to wait for this or purchase the deal for 30? shards, I went all out on my heroic chests… And I’m already friggin happy that I got more than 10 shards for her :rofl:
With the ones I got (a bit over 100), I got her 3 :star: & epic



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