Same amount of shards per character upon opening chest


So after opening over 1000 chests I notice that everytime I am awarded a new character it is exactly the same amount of shards every time. I.e. every time I get a new storm wizard hero I get awarded 7 shards. Lion knight is 18. Nightstalker 18. Etc etc. Why is this. I’d rather have 30 storm wizard shards than forest hermit. You need to make it a random amount of shards. All the best. Smokey.


I have random amounts


You just unlucky

All the best regards Turtle


Ofcourse you do. All the best Smokey.


The amount of shards you get from a “new” hero when opening chests is based on their introductory star value. For example, bow was released as a one star hero (7 shard value). If you get him from a chest, you’ll get 7 shards. A 2 star hero will get you 18. And a 3 star hero, 30, assuming, of course, that you already have unlocked that hero. Occasionally you will also receive a random amount of shards for a hero, not the actual hero. This is usually a very low value 2-4.

I’d love to see one and two star heroes give 30 shards rather than 7 or 18. That’s a fix that’s been suggested in leader chat. Hopefully someday!


Ahh. That makes sense. Fingers crossed it is then.
All the best Smokey.


Yeah…but that’s how DragonSoul did it.


That’s how mafia works


true that :thinking: