Same deal different prices?

I will drop it in bug discussion as not quite sure where else. So… same server, same deal and two different prices! I need some answers dear PB!!

Have you ever spent more than £43.99

If so maybe that’s why because I have on one deal and my price showed up as £48.99

The 43.99 bundles pack in a shit load of diamonds…
If you haven’t had that then that’s why it’s lower than that cost to prevent whoever it is getting more bang for their buck

And on the opposite side… Because you’ve spent on that diamond bundle prior… I’d assume they think you are OK paying a higher price for lesser items

That’s my two cents but It makes sense :rofl:

According to a very reliable source…

Apple tax just got ya

Android is cheaper apparently :rofl:

Why would u even spend that amount of money on this game? Just paying pb to screw up the game even more

Damn. Still not fair tbh

I have never spent more than 19.99 at one go. And my deal price is 48.99. Need to ask my mate why is he seeing 43.99 maybe he did some purchase before like you saying

I spent that much once… 835 days ago
Was worth it :sunglasses:

The top screenshot doesn’t look like an iOS device though. The screen proportions seem too narrow. I do agree on the Apple Tax though, as I am an ongoing victim.

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