Same Hero shards all the time :(

Need different hero shards always the same ones in the shops different would be really nice. Thank you

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Sometimes they rotato heroes in the shop after a patch note

So wait :slight_smile:


Rotato, potato.

Let’s call the whole thing off


Shards…shards lyin’ abuut everwaar and not a one fer me. Chests n’ sine ins is ta only way I gits 'em !!!

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I agree, I have absurd amounts of the same shards.

I understand what you’re saying @Turtle, however, I end up with these multiple identical shards bc I must buy diamonds to carry on with forging and gaining raid tickets and buying skill points. I would love to donate some to my guild. I really do t think I will be need to ng 2000 hero shards for any hero. With all due respect. I love turtles, a very sacred animals to my people.


Hahahaha @Pixie

Two shard, two shards, two shards farther into the valley of incomplete heroes…I can almost time shop changes/patches by how near I am to next .*


YES! I am getting nowhere with forging heroes. I am receiving the same shards and gear repeatedly.