Scrap drop rates


Im on server 6 so I dont have a good idea how are things beyond chapter 14 and orange +2. But I can already tell that drop rates of many scraps, scroch torch scraps for example, are really bad. You clearly need to take the time to go through the chapter that are released and boost the drop rate of several scraps. Im starting to see top guilds in server 6 with open spots. Dont kill your game with this grind. I genuinely like playing this game with my guild. I think you can easily make some changes to make the game enjoyable again. You had some much feedback these last few months, its time You make your move.
The guild shop “can” be a good help if You have big spenders in your guild. For the smaller guilds, its not the solution to ease the grind of the game :confused:


Don’t know how long it took you to write your post, but you pretty much just wasted your time. All that is happening is they add these scraps to more levels, but decrease their drops even further (and you spend more stamina at these levels). They make it sound like they’re doing us a favour; They’re not.

Pretty mich, the only good level in 14 (I think it’s 14) is the level that drops the bees. It’s really the only one that drops more (or at least it seems to me) than the previous levels.

Tbh, I’m not sure why we still need the bee hives.

Maybe check out what S1 and S2 players are saying. You’ll see what is coming soon to a server near you.

It’s a mess right now.


Its your opinion but if I lost my time, so do you :wink: Whats the point of having forums if I cant talk about issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Things change if people talk about issues. I felt that people from server 6 dont speak out that much. I know Its pretty irrelevant for you but I still think its important to have feedback from all servers and type of players :slight_smile:

Edit: Im happy for you that you dont need bee hives but as a small spender, I can tell you Im still using them for a lot of heroes :wink:


Pretty sure what Lexi said wasn’t meant with hostility or to be offensive. Basically, you can already check how the game is gonna be through S1 and s2 feedbacks. Of course you are entitled to writing your own posts. What was tried to be said is that there aren’t a lot of improvements in that regards coming your way, since there isn’t on S1 and s2, and those people have been complaining too and didn’t (that’s arguable) get much in return.

I read your post thinking how nice it still was then when the o5, o6 grind was not even a concern. Reminded me of the good old times when people were actually excited about updates and patch notes.


@PoX I guess youre right. I just think thats always OK to speak about the same issues even if there are no changes or small ones. If we stop talking about it, thats the moment they will think we are OK with how things are. But thats just my opinion :hugs:
And I get that Im really Lucky to be only at orange +2 :sweat_smile: I know things seem to get ugly only a little later :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you! If people stop complaining it’ll give off a false sense that everything is okay.

I can only hope they bring in even more improvements to the grind, because they have been doing so, so as when you get to o6 it’ll be bearable and won’t make you want to tear your eyes off your face.


Pox is right. I only meant that you were just wasting your time. You’re just BEGINNING to see the downfall of this game. I’d you think it’s bad now, you’re not ready to face what some of us older players have.

I didn’t mean to sound rude or condescending. I just meant that your words aren’t being taken seriously. Some of the changes thst were recently made to help us was basically just a mask. The grind after O3 is terrible. And it’s only getting worse.

By the comment on my bees: I just meant they are still being used in 06 gear, which is ridiculous.



This is only part of what you need for a single item of Orange +7 Tier (I don’t wanna show you the rest) , on server 1 and 2… so well… unless they reduce the obscene amount of scraps needed OR simply redo the recipes making them require only Orange scraps from the latests chapters is pretty much GG.

R.I.P. Portal Quest, you were enjoyable while you lasted.


Geez. That’s obscene.


Wow… I understand now why people are leaving :slightly_frowning_face:


Agree 1,000,000%.

I swear, 75% of the scrap one earns isnt even used. Ive got 1,000s upon 1,000s of certain scrap pieces. They just there, I cant sell then because I know the moment I do, PB will work them into the gear requirements.

Its incredibly sad that most of what we earn is basically useless for upgrading hero gear.


So i heard today that a player in a top guild has used 14,000 stam packs since update. And they are not even fully geared yet.

PB, you will run the whales off at this pace. How does this even make sense for future game viability? It doesn’t make any sense to me. And is certainly not fun, which is the whole point of playing a GAME.


Trials used to be very efficient to gear your guys up to lvl 80, but now? It’s rather useless except for Focus one that gives up to 25 spinners per day… out of the 500 you need for a single O+7 item, they really need to stop the gear increase or the game will really die, 14,000 Stamina Packs is realistically something a regular user can never obtain, this is unfair for F2P players, and even more for those that spend less money in the game and obtain 0 benefit from it.

Per blue, once again… please reconsider.


I really think they’re just milking the old, dead cow while she lasts at this point…


This is exactly why I left when last patch was announced.


Totally agree, the amount of gear needed and xp needed to level up from towers n trials needs addressing. Per blue at one time were adding levels as you reached higher team levels for better xp/scraps but this has not been the case for possibly over a year now and scraps no where near reflect whats required at O5, 6 or 7.