Scraps for contest

Does anyone know what campaign chapters gives the most purple, orange and red scraps

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You want 11.3 all purple gear with guild perk x4 is the biggest scoring level in the game

And its dirt cheap stamina costs :heart_eyes:

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As you can see I’ve used it a lot

Resale value on them is decent enough too

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11.3 now @Cottontail ?

I’ve been in chapter 14 all this time.

Grabs pen and paper

Gonna do the actual drops math once and for all…

Have you factored in the hidden drops, boss?


I have not but i did do 100m score for 15.5k packs
Hidden drop wise Im not sure what comes from there

But yahhh
Slingshots sell more than beestaffs do so it was a win win for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just checked only other items that drop are xp vials or raid tickets on that one
But its highly efficient when each item has the potential to drop x4 bits per raid

I have a few discrepancies with my numbers but yeah overall seems best one to me

Occasionally 15000 stam yields 1.1m score and others it yields 1.7m score on 11.3

On 14.4 its around 900k-1.6m score

Depends on how many times you get the dud raid ticket and xp drop without an item raid


And now I come to the realisation that the guild perk is no longer x4 purple… Its 100%
March last year it was x4
When did we change it???

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What about 14.6? :wink:

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Strange - I remember testing 11-3 and it did not yield well at all. Even in the pictures you have, there are only 700k scraps which is good for 70 million contest points, not 100m (assuming you had almost none to start and did not sell any)

Still haven’t found anything better than those stages in 14. They average 5.5 scraps (doubled) while many of the advanced chapters average 4.5 and 11-3 got only 4.0

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Oh piddle.

Now I’m going to have to math it myself.
Think I can get a list of secret item drops for old chapters if I ask nicely?

Orrrrrrrrr should I just sell all of my purple scraps before I start…?

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Maths ahoy :slight_smile:

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I take no responsibility for any inaccuracies :stuck_out_tongue:

But that list may help :blush:

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The pictures were mid way through my scoring that’s why they lack the minerals

But yeah worked well for me :wink:

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