Search option for heroes

So… There are a looot of heroes right now. Would it be possible to add a filter with the option to search? Mainly looking for free text and a filter for “not fully essenced” or “not all essences at max”. It’s time consuming without adding anything.

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You can alphabetize by name. Seems pretty easy to find heros

I would Dearly love to be able to “favorite” heroes myself so the ones I mark can be floated to the top of the list


The idea to favorite heroes has been discussed sometimes

So maybe it will come

Usually if you’re taking this long to come, I’ve got bored and left you to get on with it yourself …


I believe this forum is used by children…

I believe that if you understand the double entendre there, you’re not a child…


Sadly that defence did not hold up for me in court.
Pesky register :frowning:

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Your heroes can be sorted lots of ways. Suggest sort by honor etc. Will sort by highest to lowest, so you lowest would be ones needed most work. Idk if that will help but just an idea.

I make them all equal. Is that wrong? Don’t want to be accused of bias. Fav feature would however become quickly beloved