Second account?


Is it possible to have a second account on the same device


I believe so. Click your character icon top left corner and somewhere in there is a manage accounts button.


Doesn’t work I’ve tried it many times


You could try uninstalling the game and reinstalling. Theoretically that would cause you to do the new player tutorial again before you could link your account info?

Please make sure you have your current account linked to either FB or your email before you do that …


Unless you’re willing to use a different device with different mail/social media services linked to it, there is no way to start a new account on the same server and manage it through that option.
You could create a new account for a different server, but there only is one server yet.

So, the best you can do is install the game on a different device, without linking it to your previous account.


Have you tried linking 2 Google account to different game account on the same device?

If you link your account to Google and chose the one you want to log in there should be no prob having 2 or more account


The game would remember the account its logged into, meaning that the player would need to erase all data off the game and select their different google account in Google Play Games to switch between accounts.

Doesn’t seem like a very fast way to me, especially if you want to attack in Guild War fast with multiple accounts. It’s probably easier to use the game on different devices (with different login methods), like I suggested.


I have been able to create another account. As you have mentioned, my old phone got cracked so I got a new device. It made me go through the tutorial, thus I had a 2nd account now.


If you have a lost account you want to recover at any device, you can try this:

  1. Go to the home screen
  2. Click your character
  3. Scroll down, and click “Accounts”
  4. Select lost account, and choose a recovery method.

If you still want your first account, I hope that will work :slight_smile:


To create another account (which i have 5) heres all you must do. First off bind your main game with either facebook and/or Google. (Do both, just in case :wink:). Then heres the kicker, factory reset your phone. It sucks but must be done. Once reset turn your phone back on. When registering your google account during phone setup enter a new email with no association with Portal Quest. (Best to just start new email.) After account is setup and your once again able to go to playstore and download PQ please do so. It will start a new game. After tutorial ends go to account in the settings menu. Bind your new game to your new email. Then simply go to lost account,enter your original email and it will locate your game. Just load it up and there you go. Neww account. :grin: I don’t think this is a violation of rules because I’ve came out and asked a developer and they said no rules against it as of now. Hope this helps. If and problems reply and let me know.


Soooo… Basically you suggested the same thing as I did, but you also included a Factory reset in it.

A hint for the future: If you use Android, simply changing the google adress associated with your phone will do the trick. You should be able to do so by going to Accounts in the settings, adding a new Google account, and making it the main account.


If you can get it to not pop up your old account without factory resetting then more power to you. However when I don’t factory reset it still will pop up my old account even if I do switch google accounts but perhaps it’s just my device that this occurs on. Either way, good luck! :grin:


Did you reset all Portal Quest data before switching your Google account?

Also, the account has to be switched in Google Play Games as well.


No i factory reset my entire phone.


I didn’t mess with Google games,I didn’t mess with portal quest, you have to start your “new” account on a “new” device, add that email to your phone and poof, there you go.


And you can simulate that ‘new’ device more easily by removing Portal Quest’s data and signing out of Google Play Games or signing in to a different Google account :slight_smile:.


Yes but for me, now this could just be cause I’m slow, no matter what I did, uninstall, different email, it kept loading up my old accounts.