Selling items along the way


Hey. So I’ve been selling some items as I’m getting short on $. There are several that are worth good $. Are all items necessary to level up heros? Or are some items, esp found in the dungeon, just to sell? Thanks!!


Sell all of your items. Don’t need em as long as you have swash


Don’t mislead the guy… That’s mean. Everyone knows Mohawk is the only one you need


Seriously though, I don’t sell anything. You’ll need it later usually.


You can actually get an idea of what items you need by hitting the info icon in the gear area of a specific hero. Don’t listen to the above comments, they being silly.

Might want to find an active guild if you can; you’ll get realistic answers to your questions.

If anything, do what I did: sell half your items that you have over 1k of.


When I was green, I kept 20 of everything tops.
When blue, 50.
When purple, 100.
Now Orange, I keep everything lol.

But to be fair, you will notice yourself that you will have a few of some things, and 1000s of some of the others.

That shows how often they pop up in the levels you are playing.

Sell some of what you have the most of.
Only as much as you need to skill your hero / buy that item in the shop / whatever.

When I did the daily deals, I used to spend my daily diamonds on the nuggets from the trade and Dragon shop, so that I could keep all my items.

Now I have a shed load of gold, lots of items, and no stamina to get new stuff… :frowning: