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Hello, folks and fellow gamers! We’ve got yet another problem. Yeah, yeah… It’s called 2nd star ascension this time. What do you guys think? Should we be getting a 3rd star ascension or a full loop to a 5-star ascension soon? I think it would be an incredible idea and we should be getting that ASAP!!! Sounds perfectly fine so far, doesn’t it? Sure! We had some epic forge charges and skill points offered for diamonds which was awesome, but how can we use them if we don’t have enough ascension shards to ascend a toon? You would probably say chests or dungeon which are valid options, you won’t be wrong, but consider this… Thousands of these shards will be needed in order to ascend a toon once and get it ready for a 2nd ascension and also when we get more toons ascended wouldn’t we be more rng dependent by opening these chests and the amount of shards we get? If you high-roll, congratulations! But if you low-roll… yeah… with all this said… I would like to ask @Loutre and/or @Samm … is it possible to include lucky charms and elite campaign resets to the diamond offers as well from time to time? And also, is it possible to return the lucky charms in progress tier rewards in contests as well?


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Poor per blue.


I totally agree with CheeZ. So many ppl are quitting bc they will never catch up. Some of the greatest OG players are dropping out. These 2nd ascension toons are too much for all players and further perpetuates the theme that the game is ending soon…sooner bc of the recent changes. Noone will have enough shards. I opened 1k hero chests and got 10 dragon shards…really??? This is disgusting. We need more incentives to keep up or most of us will be quitting or finding another game!


I agree completely. It’s too much to keep up with. I’ve spent a LOT of money on this game and even I cant keep up with the resources (epic gear and ascension shards mostly) needed to ascend to 2nd star. Ftp players have it even worse. This already small game is losing so many people because of this :broken_heart:


Players: if you keep doing this to us, we’re going to leave!!!

Per blue: Gosh darn it, they’re still here and spending!
Employ the next over the top grinding process.

We need to launch dspqdhv4 by the holidays season!!

Surely no other reason makes logical sense at this point?

Oh. Wait…
I missed a bit! :wink:

Per blue: everyone’s keeping up with ascension?
What can we do???

Bob: hold my beer

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It used to be possible to play a little bit of a catch up game with big spenders by investing extra time in the game for those motivated to do so. Without elite resets being more readily available, it is unlikely any ftp player will catch up. Between ascension cost and mostly epic cost, it’s a bit overwhelming to get the huge number of ascension shards necessary. Especially for the newest ascended toons which may not even be maxed epic to begin with! And now we must ascend twice to be playable!

Please consider an elite reset/lucky charm consumable for diamonds deal! Thank you PerBlue!


Absolutely agree!!! The capability of keeping with the ascensions is dwindling, elite campaign resets, lucky charms and even offering golden faction or ascension chests would all be so helpful. If this game can’t offer more to its players (of multiple years!!!) I can’t see it lasting much longer. We are asking you to fix something very important to us :hugs:


How about everyone just stops doing ascensions
… let the whales carry on and enjoy being at a fair cap for all with heros you have

Band together stagnate the servers while still being active

Force the change you want to see via silent protest :wink:

Thank god I’m done in 13 days… game has been dead since before ascension, just took me this long to find the b@llz to hang it up. Love my peeps, hate the game…

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The peeps have spoken, ladies and gents @Loutre , @Samm , @Polaris… Please, consider taking important measures (f2p friendly as well) before the situation with ascension gets uncontrollable when more and more toons get ascended and a 3rd ascension star appears in the foreseeable future…

Orrrrrrr… Just launch dspqdhv4 already.
And transfer everyone with an active diamond deal here into the equivalent deal in there.

Possibly take peoples VIP number and give them a set amount of bonuses (obviously very much watered down!!) for new game deals.

Or some sort of generic shiny chat stamp, or other equivalent economically useless bonus?

There must be some reason that you’re killing your business model on this game??

Insert young bucks intro / superkick gif here

“upload your previous PQ account, for a shiny hero unlock”

Teen titans Go figure (second game) Gave a free figure to everyone with a teen titans Go save file.
And an extra bonus figure to everyone with a completed TTG save file.

Yes, these were unlockable in game later on, so didn’t really break the game for people.
Was just nice.

Given how much we have to level and gear and everything else heroes as the game continues, this would be easily implemented.

Just need to flag PQ accounts as they are used for the offer, to ensure people don’t spam it lol.

But yes
PQ ACCOUNT - 1 bonus thing.
Level 285 - another one.
Completed chapter 50 - different colour name
Double ascended heroes - another thing (or even a special skin for a hero? It’s useless but shiny!)

Lots of options.

War is ridiculous now. All the defenses are ascended heroes with 2 stars :expressionless:

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