Seriously epic shard for sale


Seriously after I busted my butt in those painfully boring dungeons to get my heroes their epic weapon you’re just gonna start to sale them in chest next time let me know I’ll just wait wtf. You know what Im just to angry about it. The game is off my phone.


I personally don’t mind dungeon, but since hero shards are much more of a roadblock than epic scraps these chests don’t change much.


Farewell, Felicia!

I mean seriously?
This game (and all others like it) give you a simple choice.

Spend time.
Spend money.
(Or to be the best, spend both)

These chests are not for me, as I don’t have the spare diamonds.
But I’m not going to rage quit over them.
I’ll just ignore them (maybe peek at the first one, just in case) and get back to the dungeon…

It’s still broken!!!
Now, that?
That I would rage quit over, if It wasn’t getting sorted on Wednesday.


The chests aren’t worth the cost, but if one would rather buy them, whatever. You’re not guaranteed a certain epic shard, so it could take thousands of diamonds before you get the shards you need.


if you calculate how many gear scraps are needed to max out all heroes epic skills, its far more than thousands.


Don’t encourage people to do the math!

The only reason these games work, is that we kid ourselves about how much time and money we are spending on them.

Do you realise how many people might quit if they worked out the actual math??

Case in point:
I’m supposed to be making tea, but I’m hiding in the loo doing war hits and lurking in chats while my family go hungry…


Right, my bad. Anyhow, dont worry @Gemstar, there is still plenty of fungeon to do even if you got the chests!


Or not since he uninstalled the game already :wink:


I’ve uninstalled the game before…