Server 1: Choose the February Sign-In Hero!

February is around the corner and we want to give you a chance to collect more hero chips for an existing hero in the game! We had Spell Binder and Void Caster summon a list of heroes that didn’t have top stars, and now you can choose who will be the February Sign-In Hero for Server 1.

Poll closes at Noon CT on January 28.

  • Electressa
  • Hydressa
  • Brimstone
  • Granny Gardener
  • Lil Squid
  • Cyber Strike
  • Venom Fist
  • Saber Tooth
  • Fierce Pharaoh
  • Soul Collector

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Brimstone gang wya :eyes:

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You want to do what …?!

Who are you people, and what have you done to the real per blue?

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I, too, care more about team power than playing the game.
And feel thoroughly disgusted with myself for pressing that button :wink:

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None of these are on server 11

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I’m with you, bother. #BrimestoneFTW

Sorry, I should have clarified this is for Server 1 only. Servers 8 and 11 will get new heroes.

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So where are the buttons?

Why isn’t plunger on the list, many of my members need his shards

Brimstone !

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I’m I getting this wrong … Usually the wanted hero shouldn’t be in monthly sign-in … It’s easier to get Brimstone’s shards from Golden/Tank/Fery chest + campaign + different shops than the daily sign in :thinking:

I would hope they would remain in chests…

I think the premise of the event is to pick a hero you want some free extra shards for

Just found this thread. I was thinking that everyone lost their minds. Brim would be a force to ascend but then what? So glad that this is an old post.


Interesting to think about and predict indeed

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