Server 10 Guild Clean up

I was going through the guilds, looking for potential recruits, and there are a lot of 1 person guilds that have not played in sometime. Is There going to be clean up of these guilds? We could use some new blood on server 10.


That is true of guilds on all servers. Would be nice if there were at least a filter option for Active guilds in the listing. There is Recruiting through Forum and Chat to help.


I like my one man guild :heart_eyes:
I compete fort if I need the tokens…
No war!!
Just pure fun times when I log in without guild related work rate

Sometimes being alone is more profitable… Unless its portal Lords cause that sucks on your own :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Don’t forget guild contests :rofl:
My 2. account is in a 1 man guild too (set to private), no war stress & all the benefits…

  • I can level up at my own pace, cause I don’t need to compete with others
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Yeah those scrap collector guild ones are rough…
Dungeon stam and xp easy as a one man guild though :rofl::rofl:

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The worst contest is the " win a battle with … " :joy::joy::joy:
Could be possible as an individual contest, but as a guild efford… :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

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Ewww how did I forget that ugly one :thinking:
Sucks when it’s arena based battles

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Don’t chase contests until you’re a very strong player than eh?! Wait…win a battle with, hmmm…sounds suspiciously like DS to me. Can I sell anyone some essecences :blush:


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