Server 4 recruiting

Would you like your dailies to matter? With us you can be certain that your influence is going towards the best perks available… (We are maxed out on war and dungeon perks and at least 1/2 of our general perks are maxed.


How about going into war blind or by yourself? When we go to war we do so as a platoon. Everyone has a job to do and we work together to get it done. Need some help? No problem our knowledgeable leadership is ready to assist.

Is guild drama on your last nerve? Well… we haven't survived the test of time being 1 of the few originals left on the server by engaging in the he said she said… We hash it out and put it to rest before it even becomes an issue.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in a guild and your ready for a change we have your solution. WE ARE MYTH… We are ready to go over the top… Are you?

Feel free to pm myself or any other leaders for more information…

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Sinking myth!!! No meeno no myth rip

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When you accept new members, is it a MYTHtake?

Ha saw it on recruit lol. No meeno and ur dying

We don’t need no MEENO… Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure the stats say enough that MYTH isn’t a thing of the past… So haters can hate… MYTH is here to stay… and this is your opportunity to be part of history in the making when we go straight to the top…

Much as I’m not a fan…
I think the fallen, and maybe even the toons, might have something to say about that last remark lol.

Yeah, I understand completely as many of them bailed from us even before Meeno left. All I know is the name of our guild isn’t MEENO… It’s MYTH INC. and we aren’t going anywhere but up!!!

Dream on kid!

Orrrrrrrrrr… you could join us outside the wall? :wink:

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