Server 4 - War 2.0 Startup Issues

Hello server 4!

We had a few issues starting war on Server 4. The battle phase was started accidentally. We ended the wars and reset all the guilds back to the starting tier. There were not crowns won or lost, but those guilds that were matched may have the Spar option available now.

There may have been war rewards sent to some guilds. We’re still investigating this. If they were, we will compensate other guilds as needed.

Sorry about the long downtime and thanks for trying out New War!

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How did everyone find the war? Great scenery for the battles as a positive. I’m not sure about the new format as it seems to have lost its excitement a little. Unlike previously when you’re at the edge of your seat whilst trying to take the last line in keep out before your opponent…that’s gripping stuff

I could not make a single hit. Our guild had taken every tower down in 10 mins… then have to wait 24 hours to see if opposition can do the same