Server 8&9 merge

Hi, I am just wondering when the merge of servers 8&9 will be taking place?

Presumably when we catch up.

S8 is a cap raise every 4 weeks.
S9 is a cap raise every 2 weeks.

S8 is on 150, and will go up to 155 in 2 weeks time.
S9 is on 135, and will go up to 140 in 2 weeks time.

S9 will catch up to S8 in 10 weeks.

So… On or after 2nd October is my semi educated guess.

Amirite? @OhRlyeh

No I’m not.
I need a piece of paper and a pen

Oh forget it.
Mid to end September.
Mici doesn’t math.

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The same time Hobbits leave The Shire than :grin:?!


I reckon it will happen end of the war season on s8 so just under 3 months from now. Seen it happen that way before and it makes sense to sync after a season.
My best guess will be late October 3rd week in.

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Because per blue have never shortened a season to match a merge timescale…

To be honest, it’s a fair point.
Guess we will see.

S9 season nearly ended, so when they announce the length of this next season, that might support your suggestion

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New season for s8 just started like a week or so. Ago.
There was hearsay about seasons changing to be 1 month long

That’s in new war , like servers 1-7.

Thank you guys, its appreciated, im still figuring it all out,

Yes I wasn’t sure. Still stand by my original post then lol.
3 months for season on s8
And 3 months of triple drops on s9 to catch up if needed.

Oh, you beautifully naïve giggles

Haha. Nah not really. Just what I’ve read from past merges they do that if needed.
I’m on s8 so doesn’t bother me either way.
Looking forward to fresh meat lol

Maybe didn’t mean 3 months of x3 drops. My bad.
But x3 drops at some stage if needed.

3x and 4x and else too. But more to the point any nearer to knowing when?! Just trying to help those playing.


It’s not usually officially announced until like 1 or 2 weeks before it happens…
Wouldn’t hold your breath. Might be a couple months still.

Check the server caps.

S8 is 155.
S9 is 145.

About six weeks minimum before they are equal.
So less than two months.


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