Server Changes 11/29


Starting today, Sparkle Pony Shards will now be available in Chests and Trapped Chests (Not Boss Chests) in the depths of the Endless Dungeon on Servers 1-3! Grab your dungeoneering gear and rein in this colorful Hero now!

The following changes will be made to the Dungeon as well:

  • Gold drops have been increased.
  • Hero XP will now drop as an additional “secondary reward” from Dungeon Chests (similar to Guild Influence) instead of a primary reward.

Since we never shortened the current War Season on Servers 2 and 3, we’re temporarily increasing War Season Token Rewards on these Servers to match the Season length! We will be lowering them again once the next, shorter Season starts.

Also coming December 1st are these new Sign In Heroes:

unit_viking_shieldmaiden Server 1: Shield Maiden**
8f312fbcbc87ebb66d7ca8f8e24554ebaaebf73e Server 2: The Grizz
unit_the_beast Server 3: Totem Prince
unit_necromancer Server 4: Void Caster

**Server 1 players, we’ve heard your feedback about the quantity of Heroes lately! Instead of introducing a brand new sign-in Hero in December, we’ve decided to bring back a popular champion: Shield Maiden. As not many players have achieved 5 Stars for her, we hope collecting her Shards to power her up feels just as satisfying as unlocking a new Hero!

PQ 1.8 Patch Notes

I didn’t know there was a fourth server! Good news everyone!


Void Caster is already the sign in hero on S4


Yup! Since Server 4 opened so recently, players didn’t get a chance to collect many Void Caster Shards. Thus, we decided to keep Void Caster as the Sign In Hero for another month. :slight_smile:


Buuuut I just want more heros! I guess I can wait.


Any ETA on when the hero shards in shops will get updated?


I was going to ask the same thing. It’s been a while since the last change and that was just a tiny one so we really haven’t had any big chages or movement in months.


Why has the House of flying Stabber item been changed. I’ve collected 36 out of 50 shards only to find it is now crafted in a completely different way.
Also weird question mark now shown instead of get


Hey there! Thanks for your report, we’re looking into this now!


Why not make Sparkle Pony the sign-in hero on Server 1?


Sparkle Pony is intended to be exclusive to the Dungeon. :slight_smile:


So the ones who does have her 5 starred already gets what? You know what they get. Its not appropriate to say it here but everyone who has her already shared knows what their getting I guaranteed you that. Man Pb come on! Lol


Extra Shards will be useful soon, don’t worry!


How soon? It’d be nice to get a estimate anyway.


Are the Sparkle Pony shards also available for Server 4? I didnt see that the hero was already available after the update.


Thanks fixed with latest update


Currently Sparkle Pony is only available on Servers 1-3!


We’ll have more info soon!


Thank you for your fast response @Eirhorn :smiley:


Anyone know if Pony Shards drop straight from Floor 1, or do you need to get to a certain “Depth”?