Server Changes 11/29


in the description of dungeon changes it says “increased gold drops” i wasn’t aware we had gold drops in dungeon? Or is this referring to the gold value of item drops?


Lol this part… (just figured how to use quotes)

*edit my bad… probably was refering to ore drops


I thought it was the value, but we still receive 2x5k from lvl 70+ chests…


Well thank you for keeping the game fresh and for interacting with the players.


I agree^ great server change/update! Thank you
Extra hero xp earned from dungeon is something that I think most if not all players will like as a bonus


Cool deal, nice update!


I got to VIP 15 so I could get double shards, and now I’m nerfed for a month.Dont think That’s fair. Time to reconsider the purchase button, not worth it. How about VIP players get to pick their own monthly shard hero for each month, and only have the ability to change it on the first of the month. That way no one gets short changed, like you are short changing VIP players with this move.


Oh quit complaining. It gives you more time to work on your other heroes. It’s not like the VIP 15 perk is a one-time deal, you have it forever.


The entire game is geared towards getting people to spend money to upgrade heroes. For the longest time, we non-spenders have been falling behind because we can’t keep up with spenders when it comes to new heroes. For one month they give us a break. Calm down.


I’ve only bought the monthly deal a few times and i will say free to play have been laggin a bit which is expected and natural but not good in large amounts. So this comes very welcomely!

I do think a VIP bonus of choosing monthly sign in hero could be pretty cool though


So Sparkle Pony is now available in chests in Dungeon - cool!

Normal chests seem to drop anywhere from 1-3 stones (in addition to influence, if you get lucky). Critical success chests drop 5 stones - this is horrible.

For comparison’s sake, a normal chest also drops 1-3 scraps. Critical successes for scraps can drop anywhere from 50-60 scraps. Ore drops 2 nuggets in a normal chest and 40 in a success. Both of these critical successes are about x20 better than normals. Stones, on the other hand, aren’t even 2x better.

What you should get, if they were equivalent, is 40-60 shards.

Another way to look at this is how much stamina you save with each drop. You get roughly 1 scrap per 5 raids (50 stam) and roughly 1 stone per 3 elite raids (60 stam). That means a 60 scrap critical success saves you 3000 stam while a stone critical success saves you 300 stam.

Simply put, it is flat out horrible. If you don’t want to give more than 5 stones at a time so that people don’t max Pony quickly, at least add something else to the drop.


Currently in s4 we are getting sparkle pony shards from dungion chests


Great thanks for giving new change and improvements every month. :grinning:


Are we sure this made it live? I’m still seeing the 2 bronze ore nuggets dropping at floor 50+


I also just ran through a bunch of floors and I don’t think i’m earning any hero xp either :frowning:


Just a small correction: ((1+2+3)/3)*2<5. You’re saying that the critical success rewards aren’t even 2x better than the best you can get from a regular chest. Apart from that, I agree. Either a second drop (a reasonable amount of XP, maybe) should be added or critical success rewards should be increased to something like 15 shards. Or, just remove Sparkle Pony shards from critical success chests.


I like the idea of choosing which hero, like from three separate ones.

Some guildies have even commented that they would have preferred another month of birdman.

And I still don’t got Dagger hero :confused:


When will the crystal chest bug be refunded?