Server is down - not working

Some get in, some do not. Those who do get in can’t do anything because the server thinks that it also has Sunday off, but that really doesn’t work for us during endgame in war.

Can get into game but can’t load anything like an arena battle or ranking

@Samm @Polaris

Server is very slow

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Está bastante lento… muy lento

It looks like there were some performance issues over the weekend. The team is looking into it.

Please look faster. It’s really annoying with the money spent on this game. Thank you.

I’m sure they are…this is hardly done on purpose lol
And it does take most companies hours to respond so we’ll cut them some slack…about 20 minutes😂

Sounds fair :laughing:

S8 and s11 are working. Cant speak to s1…

Dang it, who left Bob in charge

I’m glad it’s not just me that blames Bob.

Oh… Wait…