Server Merge confusion

Is the below information correct?

I don’t know, they need to make it clearer.
Frozen unfrozen
S10 to s8
S8 to s10
S10 to s10 destination

I would like my s8 and s10 accounts consolidated into my main s10 ‘Bela’ account, therefore does ‘Bela’ remain unfrozen???

In order to consolidate accounts between Server 8 and 10, you must request to freeze your Server 10 account(s) by the deadline

It’s literally the first line of the message.

It does go on to say that you can merge multiple S10 accounts and keep one destination account open, yes.

But the second there is an S8 involved , all S10 need to freeze.

That’s only how I read it.
I’m not per blue.
Seems pretty clear to me.

Of course, I’ll look silly if I’m wrong lol.


Lots and lots of stuff is being given to S10 players, so they can catch up to S8.

You’re already on s8.

If your S8 account is so far behind your S10 account, that you are choosing to merge it into your S10 account then honestly…

I would have not merged them.
I would have got the free stuff on S10, and either 1. Ran them both
2. Let the S8 account rot (heck, you would have got so much more free stuff from not merging, than you will ever transfer into from S8 if it is so small)

  1. [NOT RECOMMENDED!] Given the S8 account away / sold it for however many $20 deals you and the person buying it would agree on, to someone in your guild for them to either run or merge into their S8 account after the merge.

That obviously is not allowed.
But still…

For your S8 account to be worth more to you than all the free stuff you will lose from locking an S10 account, it would need to be so stacked that it should be your main account.

Just my $0.02

Ya spins the wheel, ya takes yer chances. More are better than less, and much safer to boot! SOCKPUPPET EMPIRE FOREVER!!!

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