Server Merge in not too long

Who and when? Is becoming somewhat urgent, especially for server 8, if the game is to continue in any real form. Or it could simply transition to a Chat App as some have suggested :thinking:

8 and 1 looks likely

Wow … you must have pull Sass to get a response from PB so fast :grin: !

Orrrrrr… Amusing and coincidental timing

I think they had a countdown timer that reset every time I said #altamnesty.

Once I stopped going on about it, they did it.

Prove me wrong… :wink:


Now there will be an Alt Amnesty because of 147s 147 alts on one server :joy:

Imagine 147 consolidating all 147 of their accounts…

There is no claim that Mici will nit contest if it shifts the light off her :laughing: It’s alright, I just wanted an answer so it worked it out anyway. Poor guilds on S8 who were hoping to get healthy off a server merge will find the opposite true until/unless S11 can save some

I smell the free air of intercession coming our way. Habit breakers always lurk in such events :rofl:

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