Server Merge: Server 4 and 7


Hello Server 7 and 4 Players!

We are starting to make plans to merge Server 7 into Server 4. We anticipate this merge will happen in late June. The overall merge process will be similar to the previous Server 4 merge, and we will have more details as we get closer to the event.

For now, we want to let you know that new account creation has been deactivated for Server 7, and we will be working in the next few months to get Server 7 ready for a merge.

To help Server 7 catch up to server 4, we will be running double drop events between now and the merge. We will closely monitor how server 7 is progressing, and will run quad drop events as needed. We will be doing team level increases and introducing new chapters and heroes to server 7 every 2 weeks. This is fast, we know, but we also know that the bonus drops and other freebies we’ll be delivering, you’ll be able to do it!

We will be allowing account consolidation following the merge. You don’t need to contact us now. We will post the instructions in June. Only accounts currently on servers 4 and 7 will be eligible for account consolidation. We will be using the same guidelines as in the past, with the following addition: essences will not transfer from one account to another.


I did wonder if you would ban essence transfer.






s4 and s7 hmmmm
Not s7 and s8 hmmmm

I believe most people wanted s7 and s8
But I trust your data


I know everyone on s8 has been wanting it. For a long time. But I guess it makes sense to speed up a dying server, to catch up to a server that’s already had two merges and obviously needs another one (but you’ll merge it with a server that’s 3 caps away instead of the one it’s right behind by one.) Man… and all the times we get told s7 and s8 will not be getting merges because they are “healthy”


I get that they can’t tip their hand too early, so as to dissuade people from running two accounts for two lots of contest rewards etc for too long.

But, really, it’s not a surprise any more.

I also understand that new people to the game wandering into a server full of level 100 orange heroes isn’t good either.

But the current method of making each server get such fast cap raises as S9 and S10 are getting …
Just means it will happen again soon.


Thats harsh… Tbh
Essences are the hardest to earn hero gear.

They should be included in the transfer
If they were paid for in gems or contests prizes then an account that is consolidated should be reimbursed in some manner
Wouldnt you agree?


I would agree.

Did you not see me calling them meanies?


We wanted s4 not s8.





Guild War Schedule Update:

Server 4 - your current war season ends May 15. You will have a super short war after that, to take you to the end of May, and then you’ll be starting New War on June 5/6. More info on New War will be released as we get closer to the update!

Server 7 - your current war season ends July 3. That means, your war will be shortened by the merge (at the end of June). You will be joining New War after the merge.

We’ll have more details as we get closer, but wanted to give everyone time to plan ahead!




Hahaha very funny


Everything glitch…


Changed a date in the Guild War Schedule:

Server 4 - you will start New War on June 3. We don’t want to drop a brand new shiny thing into the game on a Saturday.


Scaredy cat…

New stuff on a weekend.
Great idea.
What could possibly go wrong??



Can you adjust the war season length in game. Much easier to determine war schedules when we know the end date.


Changed a date in the Guild War Schedule, Part II:

Server 4 - you will start New War on June 5/6. We’ve encountered some issues that we want to fix before we release war. Should be just a short delay.




But but but but …
I’m never wrong

(Unless you ask nicely)